In Memoriam Retired Employees

We're proud of our staff here at Forbis & Dick Funeral Home. That's why we would like to honor the men and women who faithfully served our families for years.

  • A. Lee Forbis

    A. Lee Forbis

  • George P. Dick

    George P. Dick

  • Lillian Forbis

    Lillian Forbis

  • Jack Miller

    Jack Miller

  • Don Carter

    Don Carter

  • John Towe

    John Towe

  • Robert Price

    Robert Price

  • Nell Sumner

    Nell Sumner

  • Doris Pell

    Doris Pell

  • Faye Barnes

    Faye Barnes

  • Lewis Hicks

    Lewis Hicks

  • Dot B. Moore

    Dot B. Moore

  • Aaron Pinkelton

    Aaron Pinkelton

  • Alton Smith

    Alton Smith

  • Jim Tunstall

    Jim Tunstall

  • Mary Lynn Smith

    Mary Lynn Smith

  • Hap Holt

    Hap Holt

  • Eddie Smith

    Eddie Smith

  • Paul Boone

    Paul Boone

  • James Atkins

    James Atkins

  • Ruth Pritchett

    Ruth Pritchett

  • Herman Enoch Jr

    Herman Enoch Jr

  • Ralph Ritter

    Ralph Ritter

  • Raymond Horner

    Raymond Horner

  • Don Ivey

    Don Ivey

  • Thomas G. McDonald

    Thomas G. McDonald

  • Novella Brice

    Novella Brice

  • Thelma Timmons

    Thelma Timmons

  • Mary Snider

    Mary Snider

  • Frank W. Field

    Frank W. Field